Learning (in) freedom - We provide opportunities for development in everyday life.

Our vision:

A world in which people live freedom in all aspects of their lives and respect each other's freedom.

Our contribution:

Helping to shape a society in which freedom is part of everyday life.

Our topics:

working, learning, health, society

Our Theory of Change

We believe that

  • a system transformation is necessary and this cannot be achieved with the means which caused the problems, but only in new ways;
  • we ourselves are the ones who limit our freedom most and do not notice it because we are system-blind;
  • all people have talents, but we need courage and patience in order to be able to "free" them;
  • a healthy external development is only possible on the basis of inner development and self-love;
  • the freedom of the individual ends where the freedom of others begins and freedom is dynamic;
  • if a society is not healthy, people and other living beings become ill;
  • we ourselves are the key to our happiness.

When people discover their freedom in everyday life and live it responsibly, then

  • individual, systemic and social developments are possible in sustainable and healthy ways;
  • people become active creators of their lives, their environment and the world as a whole;
  • mindfulness and responsibility for each other can develop;
  • in the long term, mankind can live in harmony with each other and restore a good relationship to nature on our planet;
  • organic systems are formed which further support evolutionary freedom;
  • holistic health is possible.

The spiral:

our view of society as a spiral, large or small. This spiral leaves the space that one's own development needs and at the same time offers a common order in which all rhythms of development are allowed.

Monia Ben Larbi has spent her whole life working on the question of how people learn and work together - on an individual, organizational and social level.
Due to her own medical history, she has no strength for systemic limitations and is exploring ever greater freedom.

Heiko Miedlich also deals with the topic of learning. In almost thirty years in adult vocational education and training, he gained experience on how to successfully use teaching/learning scenarios for personal development.
Consequently, all topics related to organizational development with a focus on learning systems play an important role.